Sergey Popov

Hello athletes and parents,

My name is Sergey Popov. I am a 20 year old gymnast at Cypress Academy of Gymnastics. I started my gymnastics career when I was three years old in Russia. I trained in Russia for seven years before moving to the United States of America. When I moved to the USA I trained at a gym called New England Sports Academy (NESA) in Boston, Massachusetts with coach Levon Karakhanyan. After a devastating loss of NESA a new gym was created called MEGA. There I trained for four years before moving down to Texas to train at Cypress Academy of Gymnastics. Now thanks to coach Tom, Igor, Carlos and the Region Three chairman Jerit Pogue I am able to compete and represent the Texas Armadillos. I am the prince of dillos, I dillo down because I love Armadillos! Grow a bigger shell and dillo down. 

Thank you, 

Sergey Popov.

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